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What it means to be human

what it means to be human

glenn ashton

am not only
because we are

i you we all are
solidified in bones
cosmic echoes circulate through blood
genetically coded from protozoan
echoing across millennia
manifest as human
star powered people

held by gaia
protected from malevolent radiation and rocks
by a fragile magnetosphere atmosphere stratosphere
forcing me to ponder
why am I here
surrounded by beauty
seen but exploited

magic disguised as deities
tamed by superstition then logic
deconstructed to atomic scale
and beyond
minutiae measured and formulated
but inadequately contextualised
purified by love
but impure

watchmaker clockmaker matchmaker
singing songs of spheres
in baffling diversity
intrinsically linked
to protoplasm plankton
fungible fungi
breathing life
into soil plants fish
transmogrified from dinosaurs into apes

apes clever enough
to wittingly destroy
not only the earth songs magic
beyond measure
but unwittingly poison the symphony of systems that sing
songs whispering unheard secrets
down through the ages of time

we come and go and come and go
susuruss silently slipping
which dims
into the pinging pinpoint
of consciousness beyond comprehension

i me you we all
shall pass and return

in time the sun will burst
red giant washing away earth gaia terra
as easily as we blow dandelion fluff
back to the love of ages
breathing out again into the cosmos
our ancient home
stellar travellers
dust to dust
never alone